The Story of Seven

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The Story of Seven

It happened by luck. Byron had stopped by a pet store to pick up some cat food when, across the aisle, behind a Plexiglas window, he noticed several cats from the Cat Adoption Team shelter waiting for new homes. One especially playful cat, named Erica, beguiled him with her antics. Rolling over, sticking her paws into the air, “making silly faces at me,” Byron said. However, the shelter didn’t want to separate Erica from her littermate, and neither did Byron or his wife, Dana. Besides, the Dooley’s weren’t sure their home could handle four cats. In a few weeks, Erica was gone, presumably adopted.

A couple of months later Byron and Dana stopped by the shelter. Byron had not forgotten the cat that had so charmed him, so he asked if she was in-house. The staff didn’t recognize her name or description, but kindly allowed Byron to tour their facility. He must have looked at several hundred cats, but didn’t find the special one who had stolen his heart.

Meanwhile, Dana was waiting downstairs and had wandered into a room marked “kittens.” Inside, she noticed a young cat making odd clicking sounds. When Byron returned from his search empty-handed, Dana pulled him into the kitten room to see the funny cat making strange noises.

“That’s her! That’s the cat I met!” Byron exclaimed.

Erica had been adopted, but returned after another cat in the home bullied her.

After the happy reunion, there was never any question that she belonged with the Dooleys. They named her their lucky “Seven” and she completely captured their hearts.

We at Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills hope that their story, and our wine, will capture your hearts as well.