The many uses of a winemaker

We all know that Byron Dooley makes our beloved Seven of Hearts and Luminous Hills wine, but here are some of the other hats he wears in the company…

Tasting room staff member179795_10152527868640398_1504005267_n

Byron enjoys pouring for people on the weekends and is usually behind the bar chatting with whoever wanders into our tasting room. One of the core philosophies of Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills is that no one is too busy to meet the people who love our wine.


Winemaker and handyman extraordinaire, Byron assembles the furniture we have in our tasting room–Lena and Rachel are busy with other things, of course. One of the true marks of a small local business is that sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can watch the boss try to assemble a drawer for about half an hour.


Mad scientist

380954_10152309317875398_1424664743_nAnd here is our winemaker (and Santa) using the leftover brandy from making our Coupe’s Cuvée to make some delicious sanitizer. Nothing goes to waste and everything has multiple uses here in the tasting room!



Replacement vine544368_503012919765974_148213535_n

Missing vine? No problem! When one of his precious vines are down and out, Byron is ready to fill in and try his hand in a different step of the winemaking process. Dedication at it’s “vinest.”

Pardon the pun, couldn’t help it.